Birth Preparation Workshops


Birth Preparation workshops for women and their birth partners

 CRIEFF  SUNDAY 14th JULY 2019  1pm-5pm   £60 per couple
“The workshop gave my partner and I the knowledge we needed to feel confident about our choices in labour & overcome our fears”
Although you cannot plan your labour, you can prepare for it. It is reassuring to learn that most women can experience labour and birth without complications however, an open minded approach to birth is essential. After attending a YogaBirth Workshop or Course, you will feel more confident about your ability to give birth normally. You will also feel prepared to make informed decisions and use medical support wisely should you or your baby need assistance.
Approaching the birth can be a time of mixed emotions for you and your partner. Whether this is your first baby or you have given birth before, you probably have some questions and concerns. Most couples feel they can approach birth with knowledge and confidence after attending a YogaBirth Birth Preparation Course.
YogaBirth teachers may offer Birth Preparation as a single workshop or a course of several sessions.
Birth Preparation includes:

Understanding the process of labour
Pain perception and resources for coping with pain
Water labour & birth
Massage & pressure techniques
Breathing, relaxation & positive visualisations
Use of movement and gravity assisted positions
Positive solutions to possible problems
Medical support
Preparing your birth wishes/birth plan